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5 Places to Visit in Indonesia

Indonesia, also called the Sleeping Giant of Asia, consists of over 17,000 islands. Indonesia is also the fourth most populated country in the entire world and has a high Muslim population. There are tons of spots for tourists to visit in Indonesia, from flights to Bali, volcanoes to temples.

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1. Check out flights to Bali to book a trip to one of the most visited areas of Indonesia. Bali has a gorgeous climate year-round, friendly people and popular beaches. Plus, at night, the beaches turn into clubs for partying.

2. The Istiglal Mosque is the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia. Built in 1975, it can hold over 120,000 people. Most people of Indonesia visit the mosque on the two holiest days of the year, Idul Firti and Idul Adha. Head to the top floor for a gorgeous view. The mosque holds seminars, bazaars, conferences and programs for children.

The Prambanan Temple

3. The Prambanan Temple, also called the Roro Jonggrant, is one of the biggest Hindu temples of Indonesia. The three shrines of the temple are in dedication to the Hindu gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The entire temple complex consists of 224 temples to visit. The best time to view the temples is at 5 a.m. when the sun comes up.

4. Head to Sulawesi, also called Celebes or the Orchid Island, located between Borneo and the Maluku Islands. The inhabitants of Sulawesi are adept at the arts, including dancing, weaving and pottery. Visit Bunaken while in Sulawesi to go scuba diving. While diving, you’ll likely see dolphins and whales. Don’t leave Sulawesi without visiting Tana Toraja, a famous site of elaborate burials.

5. The largest volcanic lake in the world is Indonesia’s Lake Toba, located in Sumatra. The climate at Lake Toba is always pleasing and the view is breathtaking. The most interesting part of Lake Toba is that there’s a lake within a lake. The people who live near Lake Toba are called Bataks. The Bataks’ houses are colorfully decorated and have roofs that curve upwards. While in Sumatra, also visit King Sidabutar’s cemetery Tuk Tuk.