What to see in Dallas?

Dallas is not just barbecue, also is a place with many places to see and enjoy. From museums, parks and museums and even rodeo!

Pay attention and knows all that Dallas has to offer.

Dallas Sixth Floor Museum

The Sixth Floor Museum. Located in the former Texas School Book Depository in downtown Dallas, chronicles the life, death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy, assassinated in this city in 1963. In the next building is the emotional Kennedy Memorial monument in memory of Kennedy.

Founders Square. Dallas represents the origins of a grassy bank of the Trinity River. The cabin of the founder of Dallas, John Neely Bryan, dating from 1841, marks the site of the West End district. In Founders Square also find the Kennedy Memorial and a map of Dallas in the 1800s.

Six Flags. It was opened in 1961 in Arlington as the first regional theme park in the United States. Today, the park is a large leisure center for thousands of people, with nearly 50 thrilling rides (from roller coasters and drop tower to bumper cars and a carousel).

Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. The private collection of Raymond Nasher, which includes works by Henri Matisse and Picasso. The building, designed by Renzo Piano, consists of an indoor gallery and a large sculpture garden.

Turtle Creek crosses Lee Park. The park has trails for biking and jogging, picnic areas, and a replica of the home of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Museum of art in Dallas

Dallas Museum of Art. Represents the western pillar Dallas Arts District wider urban America. Among its exhibits will find a variety of works by European and American masters, as well as the collection of works wider African country.

Rodeo. Rodeo competitions have existed since the nineteenth century in the Western United States. In Texas and elsewhere in the American West, rodeos emerged from the informal competition that existed between the cowboys during cattle herding to tell or mark. Most cowboys learned their trade in the Spanish missionaries, who were one of the first settlers and explore Texas and the American West.

Mesquite Championship Rodeo (near Dallas) (Mesquite Championship Rodeo).

Just fifteen minutes from downtown Dallas, Mesquite Championship Rodeo runs from April to September, Friday and Saturday nights. Visitors have a great opportunity to see the cowboys compete in events from ride to lasso a bull calf.

How to Choose a Good Bus Charter Company In Odessa, TX

The real challenge to know how to pick the charter bus service in Odessa is looking for service providers who offer the best. You need to ensure that your transportation needs are catered for and if you are traveling in a large group, you are 100% sure you have a lot of demands and needs.

When you decide to rent a bus, it is essential to choose a company that exemplifies safety and service. There are many companies out there and follow these steps to choose a good company charter buses will ensure a great experience for everyone involved.

First, check the local business listings online charter bus or directory of Odessa charters in Texas yellow pages. It ‘also a good idea to ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues. Someone will probably have a contact or a previous experience with a charter bus company. This is a great starting point.

Then, once you find some companies call them. Tell them exactly what you are looking for and have all the information at hand. The company will want to know how many people have to be transported, the date (s) that you are going and how long you need to hire or when you will return. Giving this information will enable the company to give you a quote and make a plan to transport your group.

Once on the ground next to the company, this usually means that will lead the group. Ask the company about the driver’s driving record with the company. How many cards is he / she driven? How many accidents have you had? The driver has a commercial driver’s license (CDL)? The driver was drug tested and had a background check?

Then, once it was determined that the driver has the appropriate qualifications, ask to speak to the driver personally. This is not an odd request for someone who can spend some time with and you can really change the outcome of the trip. Make sure you get a good feeling with the person you think will fit into your group.

Then have photographs of exact bus that will be on the record and that the maintenance of buses. You can get an idea of how well the company maintains its vehicles with the request for such information.

Next, check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no amounts payable or not resolved with the company. If you find anything that looks suspicious, do not be afraid to raise the issue with the company and ask for an explanation.

Then, ask for references. Check out who else has been assigned to the company in the past year and ask for your contact information. Call these people and ask for their honest opinion. Do what you want, what you do not like and if they would hire the company again.

Finally, ask the charter company if they are a member of industry associations. Industry groups and associations usually have an additional set of standards that companies must meet. You can also use this source as a way to learn more about the company. Typically, companies that belong to associations really care about the quality and know that their reputation is always at the forefront.

The Best Cities For Singles Traveller

If you are single or have not found anyone who shares your travel tastes, do not give up and traveling on your own.

Despite what its name might indicate, traveling to “singles” are not just for singles. In the wide range of people that include people who, for various reasons, it has not found any companion to accompany you on your journey also found and decided to stay home rather than do a tour on your own. Estimated more than 2,000 people per year in all types of travel, from a weekend getaway to the trip several months.

You may never have traveled alone and give you some qualms confront unknown in countries that do not speak your language situations. We must overcome the initial fear that always get this type of output . This will happen only at the beginning and gradually getting the hang of it go to travel “by your own” If you still continue to have an infinite terror of not being able to resolve situations that will arise , there are multiple agencies involved in organizing group tours for single travelers.

“Singles” on Board

Singles cruises have become one of the most sought after travel among people traveling alone. This type of tourism demand has increased year by year, cruise ships have very good acceptance, whether national or international.

On this type of cruise has generated a kind of “urban legend” about trips that are dedicated to finding love. Many young people point to these cruises just to make new friends and meet people from other cities , even countries. From 2002 until now has lived a very clear evolution. Before all you had to explain how it worked and what they were about these trips, which were not to flirt but to share experiences with like-minded people.

The most recommended cities to travel alone

No special tourist destination for people traveling unaccompanied. The only person who will have no such interest in the fate itself and for sharing the journey with like minded people and even if you are interested in any particular, it is easier I go to any other if he fits the group.

For the most romantic surprise , one of the cities that are generally recommended in the forums to travel alone is Dallas. The huge tourism offering is more attractive to tourists “singles” museums, shops, cafes where croissant happen to be watching the crowd… Who knows if any of these sites to meet Dallas singles and will become effectively, in the city of love.

Another most recommended is the capital of Ireland. Although a small town , Dublin has so much to see, from the Garden of Remembrance to the National Gallery, past the huge number of pubs where beer be really tasty. Young people opt for this destination precisely by the nightlife scene featuring very conducive to meeting new people and make foreign friends.

But the city of choice for the very young is undoubtedly Amsterdam. The city welcomes you and leads them cycling through the streets infested channels. The Dutch capital is a lively, always closely linked to tourism students. And if you think you’ve had bad luck because you’ll it is very cold, do not complain and enjoy!

The weekend that everyone wants

Do you have a long weekend and want to know Dallas family? There are many options offered in this city. We have for you a dream itinerary to anyone forget this trip to the vibrant city of Texas.


Just arrived, and they want to have a nice walk. I recommend going to the Dallas Zoo is the largest in Texas and has new attractions like the Giants of the Shroud, where you can do a safari amidst elephants, ostriches, zebras and other animals from Africa. You can even feed lettuce leaves to the giraffes!

Dallas Zoo


The day begins at Speedzone, a park designed for adults and children to climb on attractions faster, but without the risks that exist in real life. Your ticket includes two hours of non stop race in three different circuits driving go-karts that will make you feel like Formula 1 driver.

Galleria Runway Revue

Unfortunately, time passes very fast driving, and it will all be hungry, so it’s time to dazzle everyone with a meal at Medieval Times Dallas. While they are eating food king, enjoy a show authentically medieval, with tame falcons, tournaments, beautiful ladies and troubadours. A trip back in time!

Now, heading to Galleria Dallas, the most powerful commercial center of Dallas, so the girls know the American Girl store and dressed so cute! Later all come together at the ice rink, to finish well this day of fun.


Having enjoyed both Dallas, it’s time to get oriented. They head to Arlington, where the first Six Flags park history, Six Flags Over Texas. They are in the homeland of adrenaline and Roller Coasters, must take advantage now!

Sea Life Aquarium Dallas

Still have an afternoon completion  Why not go eat the picturesque downtown Grapevine and thence out to see Grapevine Mills, a mall with outlets in prestigious stores, ideal to restore the smile to the girls maybe still a little dizzy by the coasters. While these ladies are consenting to younger love to have fun building your dreams in Legoland Discovery Center. They may also wonder before marine life and learn the name of the fish in the Sea Life Aquarium.

Finding the right divorce lawyer in Lewisville

There is a common statistic indicates that half of all marriages in America end in divorce. If you find yourself ready to divorce your husband, or your husband is preparing to divorce, it is a wise idea to arm yourself with as much information as you can get. In the world of divorce and other legal process that can profoundly affect your life, you need to experienced professional in your corner to help you navigate the challenges of the divorce process. You need someone who has received years of training in family law and knows all the ins and outs of the legal system in Lewisville next to your side. This is where retaining your Lewisville divorce lawyer in.

Your Denton county attorneys will be your greatest ally potentially challenging process of marital dissolution. You can have a simple divorce, where you and your spouse both agree amicable divorce and have no issue of custody or property to dispute. In that case, the costs and time spent will be minimal compared to a case with custody battles or property in the forefront. If your divorce is simple or complicated, you need a divorce lawyer in Lewisville to get it.

A brief summary of the basic process of divorce in Lewisville:

1. The divorce process begins with the filing of the first petition, called the “original petition for divorce.” This document could be very short or very long, depending on your individual circumstances including children and property issues. If you want to review the request before it is delivered to your husband and archive, please leave your Lewisville divorce lawyer know ASAP.

2. The petition gets filed and your case is assigned to a court. Each county has one or more courts to handle family law. In Lewisville happen to be seven tracks of family law. The courts are chosen randomly. You or your attorney can not request a particular cut.

3. Next comes the discovery phase. Discovery is where one spouse learns what applies to the divorce suit. This may include methods such as depositions, requests for documents and records and interrogations. Your Denton divorce attorney will tell you everything you need to know about the process of discovery and what your role.

4. Tax issues: The matter of state and federal income taxes will be treated. It is extremely likely that both you and your spouse will be jointly responsible for any income tax due on any return that was filed jointly. Your divorce lawyer can explain all the details of this if you have any questions.

5. Food and child support: Depending on your individual circumstances regarding finances and children can and can not deal with the issues of food aid and child at this point. At this time the court will consider the needs of the spouse and / or children of petition, and the ability of the other spouse to pay, and how much.

6. Change your name: At this point you can request a name change if you are a woman who wants to resume using your maiden name. Your divorce lawyer can prepare all the paperwork for you and guide you through this process.

How to Navigate New Zealand

New Zealand is a fairytale of the great outdoors. One of the last lands to be settled by humans, both the North and South Island are still largely left to nature. In a land where sheep outnumber people, this is a country meant to be explored and not charted. Visit with an open itinerary, and submerge yourself in discovering what’s ahead.

New Zealand’s Bucolic

The majority of New Zealand’s population resides on the North Island. Most travelers arrive in Auckland, which manages to hold visitors’ interest for a night or two before the call of the wild beckons to explore beyond. The Bay of Islands (150 miles to the north) are a playground of beaches, golf courses and sport fishing. Proceeding south, Rotorua is known for its geysers, hot springs and bubbling mud pools—all accessible via the area’s Waimangu Volcanic Valley. (Qantas Vacations devotes a threeday package to Rotorua alone.) Wellington is the nation’s capital city, located at the southern tip of the North Island, where a three-hour ferry ushers passengers and cargo across the Cook Strait to the South Island.

Tourism has skyrocketed on the South Island after The Lord of the Rings films used the dramatic landscape as a real-life backdrop for its otherworldly needs. You can hike through fjordland trails in the morning, have lunch on a glacier and dinner on the beach—without a personal helicopter. Few places on earth provide the geological variety within such intimate proximity. Highlights include hiking and kayaking the Abel Tasman National Park on the northern coast, an afternoon of swilling sauvignon blanc in the Marlborough region, visiting Milford Sound (a World Heritage Site), whale watching in Kerikeri and thrill-seeking in Queenstown, which makes an excellent jumping-off point to see it all.

New Zealand’s Beach

The beauty of New Zealand is raw and intense and deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated. Spend the time to complete a great walk, or road-trip from end to end—as your experience in the end will be more profound than a list of checked boxes.

Where to Stay

Hilton Queenstown: The Hilton Queenstown is right on the lake but not far from the action of downtown Queenstown, offering a slightly removed serenity from the South Island’s adventure hub. Request a room with an outdoor terrace and hot tub to truly enjoy the view.

Sofitel: This small, 86-room Sofitel in the heart of downtown Queenstown feels chic and cozy and is a great option for couples and families alike.

Lake Okareka Lodge by Lebua: With just three suites, staying at the Lake Okareka Lodge in Rotorua is like being a guest in a home of a stylish friend. This property is ideal for families and small groups.

Bali Sites and Attractions

Bali sites and attractions are outstanding and range from an ancient temple to a popular volcano. Bali holiday packages can be structured to include day trips to some of the many spectacular places that you can visit.

Tanah Lot, Bali
Tanah Lot (Photo by Kaptah)

PURA TANAH LOT is a sacred temple perched on a seashore, appropriately named because “tanah” means earth and “lot” means sea. It is a noted famous location for taking sunset pictures, and the beach is often used for wedding photographs. The temple is actually in the water, and during high tide one must walk through water often waist high in order to reach the structure. There is a cave and a holy spring underneath the temple. A holy man must bless you with some of the holy water, put a flower on your ear, and place rice on your forehead.

The BALI SAFARI AND MARINE PARK is a wildlife conservation park with over 400 animals, many of them endangered. You can interact with the animals by riding elephants and camels, cuddling and feeding baby animals, seeing shows, and having your photograph taken with various species. Cooling mist sprayers keep you from feeling the heat. There are also swimming pools and a water park, so bring your bathing suits.

A visit to the BATUAN VILLAGE makes you feel like you are back as much as one thousand years and shows you how people lived then and continuing to nowadays with artists and craftsmen. You’ll see the traditions and ceremonial rituals as well as dancing and daily offerings in the family temple inside the house. This village is a center for Buddhist priests who then go out into the surrounding areas.

The still-active KINTAMANI VOLCANO also has a crater lake, Lake Batur, which is the largest in Bali and also serves as an irrigation source for the local farmers. The mornings bring an amazing panorama at sunrise, and by late afternoon a blanket of fog descends and brings a cold temperature that lasts throughout the night.

Think of these unusual sites and attractions when you book your Bali holiday packages, and you will have some unusual and enjoyable experiences.

Tours Destination in Mendoza

Our destination for the city of Mendoza tells us reach the base of the Andes in western Argentina, in Mendoza province, against the backdrop of having the highest peak in the Andes, is thus an area of outstanding beauty and a destination that offers many attractions and adventures. It is the scene of more than 900 vineyards, stretching to the horizon long sight, going to the Cerro Aconcagua, a neighbor who is at the top and creates a strong contrast of mountain and valley of the dry province and arid.

City of Mendoza


The city of Mendoza, capital of the province, has a lush oasis in the desert region with its huge public squares, boulevards shaded by towering plane trees, pedestrian streets, cafes, forest parks and local fairs. Driving west from the city, you can see the rolling vineyards scenery that opens the world for its reputation for having a good wine and therefore be ideal for a wine tour to learn about the place and of course tasting this product.

Located in the Cordon del Plata, overlooks the imposing Andes when viewed from the city, from this point is amazing tours that are available to tourists. A great place for walks tells us the Cerro Aconcagua is the highest peak in the Americas with its 6962 meters high. Second is the second only to Mount Everest in the Himalayas. To pause the road nothing better to stay hosted in places such as Posta Chacritas, this is a ranch of 22,000 acres that offers cozy accommodation in the region with the option of taking activities such as guided horseback riding, mountain biking, rappelling , hiking and canoeing.

Cordon del Plata:

Later, the small town of Uspallata and the valley of the same name, you can see lush green area created from the melting snows of the towering mountains that dominate it, this place has very beautiful views as the same rainbow that is how the Rocky Mountains add a touch of real nature. Here, the river Mendoza has the best practice for whitewater rafting from Argentina. These rapids class III and IV, provided all the conditions required for speeding through the waves thundering, meandering through the upper valley region through Precordilla. This is certainly memorable days of rafting for the whole family can have on the Atuel River Canyon, located at the foot of the volcano Overo.

Inca Bridge:

Later, we find the Inca Bridge, where a fascinating phenomenon of geological history and a spiritual place of the Incas, has created a natural bridge from the sulfuric water of hot springs, making everything in its path yellow. A foot of Aconcagua National Park from here, you come to stunning Lake trailhead.

In winter, the area is a popular ski destination with world-class resorts that dot the peaks. Los Penitentes and Las Lenas are areas that provide ideal terrain for skiing for all levels with its many races in tow. In addition, the thermal waters offer a perfect way to relax the members tired after a day full of adventure.

Ski Las Lenas:

The many attractions such as rivers, streams, mountains and breathtaking valleys make these adventures are possible to perform, all the province of Mendoza is presented as a great choice for a family adventure vacation in Argentina.

Tourists Destination in Marrakech

The old Medina of Marrakech is an amazing adventure that offers a glimpse into the Muslim and Arab culture. A lot of lively and bustling mix juxtaposes a haven of peace, on the one hand, the exciting and vibrant places there and on the other side heading south a different face to the Medina a place full of very quiet.


The important places in Medina:

Here you can enjoy the peace and serenity of another Medina, where the splendid monuments of the ruling dynasties of Morocco was, we can find mosques, tombs, traditional architecture and even buildings of historical interest.

The Almoravids built these impressive monuments here to represent their power and influence over the Muslim world. One of the best examples of Muslim architecture is Kooutoubiya Mosque, with its 77 meter high minaret that was used by the muezzin to summon and call to prayer. The great Ben Youssef Madrasa is one of the largest architecture of its kind in the country of Morocco.

Historical monuments of the city:

Saadi Tombs, where is the Mausoleum of the 66 kings of the Saadi Dynasty, built in the sixteenth century by the governor of Morocco, Ahmed Mansur, exhibit halls and richly decorated entirely with high precision in the details.

These include the magnificent Hall of the twelve columns housing the tombs of Ahmed el Mansour and his descendants. El Badi Palace, the magnificent residence of Ahmed el Mansour, was stripped of his wealth by the spiteful Moulay Ismail in the seventeenth century. However, it is a testament to the cultural heritage of Marrakech, its size, position and aura of tranquility that surrounds create a hypnotic effect delighting visitors to the site.

The Bahia Palace, built in the nineteenth century by a slave who became rich, offers a wonderful example of architecture of the century, Alhambrian, as is the Palace of Dar el Said, which houses a museum. Located near the Ben Youssef, the Chrob ou Chouf Fountain, one of the known landmarks of Marrakech, is a work of art break even is to conserve and care for the rules to prevail in a sovereign manner. On behalf of Governor of Morocco, Ahmed el Mansour in the sixteenth century, was built strategically near the Valley of the Sahara as a source of fresh water for locals and weary travelers who roamed there. The impressive dimensions of the source that is most important in the Medina, recognized as a UNESCO landmark.

Many of the historical highlights of Marrakech are hidden deep in the Medina, between the winding alleys and the maze of narrow streets. The discovery of this place, with its historical monuments, buildings, structures and reveals the fascinating history of the city and its culture which offers a fascinating and impressive cultural heritage of this city, it’s time to visit.

Travel Tips in Venice

Venice is a city surrounded by water, but that’s where the attraction of Venice is located. Built on a reclaimed island, the city is divided into several district, each with its own appeal and a special story. Consider some travel tips in Venice, presented below:

Venice Water Taxi

Venice Travel Tips:

The main street, the Grand Canal, is located in the heart of this city and to the northeast side of San Marco is well known for landmarks such as the Basilica of San Marco and the Doge’s Palace. San Marco is where traces of ancient Venice still abound, but also has become a shopping district. One can find numerous shops in this area, which receives much crowded during the day.

The southern part of Venice is where San Polo. It is particularly identified by its tangled and confusing streets. San Polo is the red light district of Venice and is home to many artisans and trade.

Cannaregio district of Venice is the Ghetto, where “ghetto” refers to a Jewish neighborhood. Cannaregio has an impressive number of churches and picturesque.

In the western part of St. Lucia is home to many train stations. It’s where you have to go to connect to the mainland.

There are both great things to see and do in Venice can be very difficult to choose to travel throughout the city. Each tourist attraction in Venice deserves to be recognized and visited, they experience this new tourists coming to the city of tourism, which sometimes have a hard time choosing where to go and what to do first.

For beginners to Venice, however, recommends the help of a tour guide in your travels around town, it is important as it helps visitors understand the sights of Venice and its history is better understood. Another popular option is to “walk in Venice”, which includes going over 20 places to see the works of Venetian art, history, lifestyle and other things that make it unique to Venice.

Those wishing to do some sightseeing on their own how best to explore the city is walking with the help of a reliable map. It would be best to start with the square of San Marcos. Venice is also proud to be a very safe city. No wonder it is one of the favorite destinations among tourists. In addition, local guides are trained in English speaking, and even Spanish (although some words are so hard to understand), they will be willing to help tourists if you need a translator.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for something really great in Venice, a gondola ride is the first thing we recommend. Although a bit expensive than just walking, this is another way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Venice. Also, if you want to enjoy something extra, take a gondola with musicians on tour. This is a 50 minute trip around the canals of Venice and is accompanied by a band of guitarists and singers, captivating Italian melodies with baritone voices. Is there anything more romantic than that? Hard right?

At night, Venice is much more peaceful. It is the perfect time to take a relaxing stroll after a romantic dinner or simply enjoy an espresso in a cafe, while listening to the sweet Italian music.

Some things to remember:

Bus vs Water Taxi:

The water taxi is a ride that is enjoyed in private, although much more expensive. A water bus is a public transport. It is also known as a vaporetto. These transports can be found at the vaporetto station and you need to buy a ticket or make a specific payment, as would a regular transport.


The restaurants will add about 12-15% of the service, but may also give an extra tip, if desired.

High Tide:

The “aqua alta” or high water, are carried out during the winter months. If the water is too high, it is preferable to walk by wooden walkways for convenience of the public.

Clothing and Shoes:

Wear light. The extravagant costumes do not work in Venice (this is only for cities such as Milan). Take comfortable shoes, a good one to walk in hours.

Roman Treasure Discovered in Sicily

The excellent geographical position of Sicily in the center of the Mediterranean Basin has meant that, over time, settlers and conquerors from the medieval Normans, Aragonese Spanish, African, Arab North, the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans have been established in antiquity. Today, Sicily’s Roman ruins are rivaled only by those of Rome, and lovers of Roman archeology will find renowned places to explore.

Roman treasure discovered in Sicily

To get an idea of ??the diversity of Sicily in ancient times, it’s best to see the pieces left in the time of the Greek and Roman settlement on the island, to do nothing better than visiting the Regional Archaeological Museum of Palermo.

One of the greatest archaeological museums in Italy, is full of objects left in foreign occupations. In addition, you also have the opportunity to meet the many priceless pieces displayed in the civilizations of the island, including at times of the Phoenicians, Punic periods, Greeks, Romans and Saracens. Here are some of the finest Roman ruins in Sicily:

Cape Boeo – Marsala

The Roman ruins here include a villa with baths and colorful mosaics, and the Church of San Juan, built over a cave converted into a home in Roman times. The Archaeological Museum Baglio Anselmi, in Lungomare exhibits a boat from the Punic period.


Catania has two Roman amphitheatres, one reminiscent of the Colosseum in Rome. The smaller, off Via Vittorio Emanuele, built on an earlier Greek theater, where he could have accommodated to 6,000 spectators, while a larger amphitheater, near the mall in Stesicoro Square, was built in the second century AD.

Solunto – Palermo

Seventeen kilometers east of Palermo overlooking the coast, it shows a place that was originally a Phoenician village that had been extended by the Greeks in 396 BC, there are the ruins of a town that was rebuilt by the Romans conquered 50 years later. The ruins show some tiles, walls, murals and some columns. While here there is a small archaeological museum, most of the original parts are in the Regional Archaeological Museum of Palermo.


A Greek amphitheater was built here in the third century BC, this was later extended by the Romans, who enlarged the stage. The view of Mount Etna and the sea beyond the theater is simply spectacular. During the summer, theater drama shows.

Tyndaris – Capo Tindari

Tyndaris, was founded by Dionysius in 396 BC and later destroyed by the conquistadors who looted it, this place has been excavated to show the ruins of everything from the basilica to a Roman theater. Overlooking the sea, the view from here is magnificent.

Villa Romana del Casale – Piazza Armerina

The Roman villa is a few kilometers from the city and was built between 330 and 360 AD, is one of the largest housing survivors of classical Roman era anywhere. The villa has 40 rooms with the most beautiful mosaics in Western Europe at that time, which depict scenes of everyday life, such as hunting, and you can also see a mosaic of 10 young women dressed in bathing suit pieces.

No trip made by a lover of archeology in Sicily would be complete without visiting the Valley of the Temples, here is the largest collection and the best of ancient Greek ruins in the world. You will also see a necropolis (cemetery), houses, streets and everything you would expect to find in an ancient city. Be sure to visit the amphitheater, several of the theaters and the archaeological museum that is first order. Do not miss going to see the Temple of Concord with its tall columns (13 on one side) eroded by the wind. You can go day and night, being the second option magnificent to see the enhancement of this temple with headlamps further emphasize its shape.